NIXZ Plugin is now available for Recruitee!

Recently the NIXZ Plugin has become available for Recruitee users. NIXZ creates a seamless connection between Recruitee and your job boards! Are you curious about what the NIXZ Plugin can do for you? Then continue reading the article.

What does SimpleRecruiter do?

The NIXZ Plugin is a Google Chrome extension that connects Recruitee with various job boards, including Linkedin. The NIXZ Plugin allows you to save candidates to Recruitee, and gather information within a single click! If a candidate on the job board is in Recruitee, you will see this immediately and you can change data, add notes or link them to a vacancy. With the NIXZ Plugin you no longer have to switch between Recruitee and Linkedin.


Want to see if the NIXZ Plugin is something for you? Sign up and get a free two week trial period.

Do you have any questions about NIXZ Plugin for Recruitee? Perhaps this user manual can answer your questions.

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