NIXZ Plugin – Seamless integration with Linkedin

With the NIXZ Plugin, users have access to LinkedIn’s wealth of candidate information without leaving their browser. This integration empowers recruiters to update candidate profiles with LinkedIn information, create new candidates based on LinkedIn profiles, and effortlessly edit fields within candidate profiles in their ATS – all while staying within the familiar LinkedIn interface.

Key features of the NIXZ Plugin include:

  • Profile Enrichment: Instantly update candidate profiles in your ATS with the latest information from their LinkedIn profiles, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of candidate data.
  • Effortless Candidate Creation: With a simple click, users can create a new candidate record directly from LinkedIn profiles, streamlining the candidate sourcing process.
  • In-Browser Editing: Edit fields within ATS/CRM candidate profiles seamlessly from the LinkedIn browser, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms and enhancing productivity.
  • Contact Lookup: Quickly access the contact details of candidates directly from their LinkedIn profiles, facilitating efficient communication and follow-up.

Of course the NIXZ Plugin supports all versions of Linkedin, namely LinkedIn Pro, Sales Navigator, Recruiter and the plain version of LinkedIn.

The NIXZ Plugin is integrated with Encore, Mysolution, OTYS, Carerix, Recruitee, Recruition and ForceFlow. Follow this link to get started with the NIXZ Plugin today.

Update: The NIXZ Plugin now also works with Xing!

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